Hand of God… Really?

  • How do we present stories to our children? Stories of winners all the time or also stories of people striving to uphold certain values irrespective of fact whether they win or not? To give an example, do we tell them only about the successes of Sachin Tendulkar/Adam Gilchrist/MS Dhoni/etc. OR do we also tell them as to how each one of them have left the field even when field umpires were not even aware that they were out?
  • When we tell our children Ramayana, do we do so by emphasizing the fact that Rama killed a bad person Ravana OR do we also tell the child that the same Rama post the war went to Ravana, folded his hands and requested him to share his knowledge with mankind before leaving the world… and the same bad Ravana did share his learning with his slayer? Are we creating a good vs. bad world or a world full of empathy and generosity? Are we emphasizing to our children the win of Rama or the values of Rama?
  • What are we emphasizing to our children in our conversations — skills or values? Do we tell our children about the amazing skills of Einstein or do we also tell them about the significant efforts he put to reduce the nuclear weapons in the world and bring peace?
  • When our child fails, we all tell them about how failures teach us important life lessons — but do we in our daily life celebrate failures the same way we celebrate our successes? How do we behave with our children when they fail vis-à-vis when they succeed? Are we one of those parents who gift their child with their favorite ice-cream when they win and give them a long lecture on the importance of failures when they lose?/Do we tell our children stories of our own failures with same reverence as we talk about our successes? Are we accepting of people who fail or are we busy awarding/celebrating people who succeed?
  • When an inauguration ceremony needs to be done or a chief guest needs to be picked up, who are more often called up in our society — CEOs/successful sports captains/award winners/etc. OR people who displayed amazing level of humanity/people who choose to lose so that someone’s morale/dignity/etc. can be preserved/people who take a step back and gracefully let someone else take a step forward/people who donated their time/money to worthwhile causes and choose not to beat their drums/people who setup an institution and yet don’t name it after themselves or their father/mother/grandfather/etc.



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