Parent: My child is always distracted. How do I make her focus on doing her studies?

Me: Good question. Let me explain. The word “focus” is made up of two words, “fo” and “cus”.

No. No. No. Don’t misunderstand. This “fo” is not “F…O” that you say to your boss…

Have you heard about this guy Michael Grab?

No, it’s not a typo. I was not trying to write Michael Jackson OR Michael Schumacher OR Michael Jordan OR Michael Phelps OR Michael Douglas OR Michael Crichton OR name of some such popular person. I am very much talking about Michael…

Let me state upfront one thing. I am not a WhiteHat Jr employee/management/investor/advisor/sympathizer etc. etc. In fact, with all my (non-existent) creativity also I could not come up with any connection with the company, though I am being told that everyone in the world is at best 6 degrees of…


DreamNobel ( is an education initiative to make “independent thinking” and “empathy” an integral part of a child’s personality.

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